Frozen Yogurt Disks

Easy to prepare as a healthy snack and the perfect finger food for our grand daughter’s tiny hands.  
Filled with loads of protein and live cultures to aid digestion, Amber loved them! 
Amber Bug!!
1-2 containers of your favorite flavor yogurt
  • spoon yogurt into a sandwich bag, cut a small hole into one end of bag and pipe small dots onto parchment lined cookie sheet (after preparing the dots, I found that the parchment is not necessary)
  • freeze for 1 hour, transfer to a zip top sandwich bag and store in the freezer

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    • Hi Audrey, I didn’t have any issue with the disks sticking together, not even when I was shooting the photos. My granddaughter really enjoyed helping herself to the yummy little treats. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you!