I’m Attending The 2015 World Food Championships Blogger Summit ~ FoodFightWrite

Food Fight Write 2015

I’m Attending The 2015 World Food Championships Blogger Summit ~ FoodFightWrite!

I earned the distinction of Food Champ a few weeks ago, with my winning recipe in the Penobscot McCrum #TaterTalent Recipe Challenge, and the good news just keeps pouring in! After submitting an essay to FoodFightWriteI was chosen to attend the 2015 World Food Championships Blogger Summit, set for on Nov. 2-4, 2015. 

2015 World Food Championships Blogger Summit seeking applications from 50 Bloggers who are ready to roll out their pens, put on their aprons and throw it down in the Kenmore Kitchen Arena as the Opening Round Competition of this year’s World Food Championships! There will be 3 jam-packed days of “Yummie” info, demos and competition. But only 50 bloggers will be chosen for this FREE experience. FoodFightWrite, is a jam-packed 3-day immersion into the world of food sport, the upcoming trends in food products and on-site visits to the hubs of the nation’s food production, food entertainment and soon-to-be-marketed inspired home décor and equipment. Take note – you’ll be at a different location each day of the Summit.

Participants will enjoy cooking classes and demos presented by award-winning chefs, news conferences, travel and tour official WFC food sponsors venues, be treated to special luncheon and dinner receptions, as well as, throw down a recipe and compete in Kenmore Arena for the chance to become the first ever, World Food Championships Blogger Summit, Food Champion. There are several chances to win cash prizes and bragging rights, not to mention, the opportunity to meet new foodie bloggers and hang out with some of my dearest foodie friends. 

I’m one blessed lady today! Below is a copy of my entry essay, let me know what you think!  

1. How did you get interested in blogging about food?
About five years ago, while I was checking out (stalking) a few old friends on Google and Facebook, I was surprised to discovered that several of them had blogs. One friend’s blog was a journal of her path as an adoptive mother; a very sweet and tearful journey, but nicely written. The next, a blog filled with children’s DIY crafts and baby coupons. A small glimpse of her life story shared on her ‘About Me’ page, moved me in a way I hand’t expected. Finally, I landed on a blog written by an old friend that was dedicated to reviews of wine and restaurants. This blog, was the spark that eventually lead me to blogging about food. If she could write about wine, I could write about food! It was as simple as that! Starting a food blog came as a natural progression for my life and was the perfect platform to catalog family heirloom recipes. Little did I know, the whim to create a food blog for a few recipes would turn into a passion that lead me to the World Food Championships in Kissimmee FL this November.

2. What is the key to your success as an influencers in food media?
Honestly, I don’t think I influence anyone in food media. I’d be happy to influence food media with my recipes and written content but have no illusions of being a professional writer or recipe developer. I’m just happy to create new recipes, compete in recipes contests and share photos of my creations.

3. Have you had experience as a food competitor? If not,what intrigues you about food competitions?
My first experience as a food competitor was in my early twenties. The Colorado Springs Choral Society, Chef’s Gala, held each year at the Broardmoor Hotel. I was the director for the event, and coördinated for two years before deciding to become a competitor. My position as the Gala’s coordinator led me to meet Jacques Pepin and many other famous chefs and restauranteurs from around the world. The urge to cook amazing food, meet celebrity chefs, and compete was infectious; I caught the bug and it has never left me. Naturally, I started entering food contest the first month of food blogging and continue to this day.

4. What food do you specialize on your blog? Are you a Vegan, Vegetarian, Fan of Bacon, a Sausage-a-tarian? Love BBQ and can’t stop writing about it? Tell us all about your food point of view.
I specialize in canning jams, jellies, pickles and petals. My signature recipes are Meyer Lemon Habanero Jelly, and Rose Petal Jams and Jellies. I’m an American, meat and potatoes Steak-a-tarian, bacon loving, carnivore but I can’t live without !!fresh garden vegetables. Savory dishes are my home-space in the kitchen but I have a killer cherry pie recipe and a few other decadent desserts in my arsenal.

5. How do you feel about competing in the First Annual Blogger Invitational Championship? Are you nervous? Feeling confident? Will YOU be the first to win the Food Blogger Championship at the World Food Championships in Kissimmee, Fla.?

I have purposefully left off my answer to this question, as it has some secret information that I cannot divulge until October 1, 2015! Yes, more good news to come!