I’m ALL in, when it comes to this years World Food Championship qualifying event, Saucy Mama’s 2015 Recipe Contest! It just doesn’t get better than that…unless, I WIN!!!

Hello! Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in Saucy Mama’s 2015 Recipe Contest! You will soon be receiving your selected Saucy Mama products to create your original recipe. Please keep in mind that our Grand Prize winner will be expected to travel to Florida to compete in the 2015 World Food Championships (November 3-10).

Quick points to remember:

  • Submit one original recipe using at least one of your Saucy Mama products within the recipe by May 27th.
  • Recipe should fall into one of the following categories: Burger, Sandwich, Bacon (recipe must use bacon), Seafood, Pasta, and Fresh Recipe.
  • We encourage sharing your recipe on all social media sites for higher scores, and high-res photos are appreciated, as they’re often used in Barhyte marketing materials, such as our website.
  • Full contest rules and details can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and GOOD LUCK!

Colette Harris Barhyte Specialty Foods, Inc.

I’m truly honored to be chosen by Saucy Mama’s as one of the 25 contestants for the pre-qualifying event. This years event is even more exciting for me because I’ll be competing with some of my favorite foodie friends, and many of them are seasoned WFC veterans! The stakes are high but I’m thrilled to be along for the ride.  

What will I win? 

We’re happy to announce that, this year, our recipe contest is a PREFERRED QUALIFYING EVENT for WFC. So what’s exactly at stake for this year’s Saucy Mama Recipe Contest Grand Champion? 

–    A Golden Ticket: your registration and entry into the 2015 WFC competition
–    $1000 Travel Stipend: to help winner get to Kissimmee for the WFC event (Nov. 3-10)
–    $500 Spending Cash: to have some FUN in Florida!
And ALL participants will have the opportunity to try six Saucy Mama products of their choice for free, and host a Saucy Mama product giveaway on their blog for their own readers!

A Golden Ticket, travel stipend and spending cash, no to mention bragging rights! Yes, please!

You also heard it here! Anyone who participates in the At Home with Rebecka, Saucy Mama giveaway, has an opportunity to win one or more bottles of Saucy Mama’s products. Stay tuned for details about the upcoming giveaway and get ready for some recipes made ‘Saucy’ with Saucy Mama’s. 

Here’s a list of what you might win, if you enter the giveaway, and below a photo of the six sauces I picked to make my winning recipe! 

Chipotle Mustard
–    Backyard Brat Mustard
–    Smoky Garlic Mustard
–    Champagne & Honey Mustard
–    Apricot Ginger Mustard
–    Tarragon Lemon Mustard
–    Dijon Mustard
–    Hatch Chile Mustard
–    Dill Mustard
–    Creamy Garlic Mustard
–    Spicy Garlic Wing Sauce
–    Jamaican Jerk Wing Sauce
–    Orange Habanero Wing Sauce
–    Honey BBQ Wing Sauce
–    Hot Wing Sauce
–    Lime Chipotle Marinade
–    Cracked Pepper Marinade
–    Sweet Heat Marinade
–    Parmesan Garlic Marinade
–    Sesame Ginger Dressing
–    Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing
–    Pacific Rim Ginger Dressing
–    White Balsamic and Honey Dressing
–    Poppy Seed Dressing
–    Miso Orange Dressing
–    Four Leaf Balsamic Vinaigrette and Marinade
–    Honey Dijon Dressing
–    Creamy Horseradish
–    Zesty Cocktail Sauce

Saucy Mama's

My six choices Saucy Mama’s