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Black and White Garden Fountain

 Black and White 

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Wordless Wednesdays – Spring Flowers…My New Addiction

I’m not familiar with names of the vast array of bushes, trees or flowering plants in my new California home, but I’m sure they are all gorgeous! 

This beautiful flower grows on a bush/tree, with large, dark green leaves, it stands about 20 feet high, with the flowers bunched into a tight cluster. Less than fragrant but so lovely; they resemble a professionally crafted arrangement. I love Gods creation!!

I’m continuing to work with my new camera settings so you’ll notice different lightening and focus set in the collection; it will  take me forever to get it  all figured out. Despite my  lack of camera knowledge, I’m not dissuaded  from taking photos.

I hope you enjoy my Spring photography addiction, there will surely be more to share! If you know what variety of plant this is, please feel free to share. 



Northern California Flora and Fauna

Northern California flora and fauna

Perfect Orange Rose


I had to take a quick comparison photo with my new Sony Camera...WOW! I'm in heaven. What do you think?

I had to take a quick comparison photo with my new Sony Camera…WOW! I’m in heaven. What do you think?

The Perfect Orange Rose

I ran out yesterday to snap a few shots of my neighbors rose-bush and Bottlebrush tree. I couldn’t contain myself at their astonishing beauty and the smell of the roses was staggering!

Hundreds of bees joined me, buzzing over my head and resting on my white sleeve. I even caught a glimpse of a green hummingbird as it darted past my head but I wasn’t fast enough to catch a photo of him with my camera. 

Some really cool photography news: My husband was given a work bonus through his company. Instead of choosing a new golf club for himself, he got me a new camera. YIPPEE! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Sony Alpha 20.1 MP SLR. Honestly, I’ve never heard of the camera but I know it will be a step up from my little point and shoot Canon!  Wish me luck figuring out all the bells and whistles on my new camera! 



Pink Rose 

Another Sony camera shot. She's a beauty!!

Another Sony camera shot. She’s a beauty!!


Mixed Variegated Roses


varigated wht red rose


peony vase


Mixed Roses

Mixed roses

Northern California Plants

Bottlebrush Tree

California Plants

Northern California Plants

Northern California Plants

Northern California Plants

Northern California Plants and bushes

WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS Bridge and Green Meadow


Bridge and Green Meadow

Northern California

The Bridge

The Bridge 3


The Bridge with Green Moss


Bridge Blots


the green meadow


Old Window


meadow and tree