Radishes Butter and Sea Salt – Simple Summer Snacks

Radish Butter and sea Salt

Radishes, butter, and sea salt; it doesn’t get any easier or tastier than that! This simple summer snack is best paired with a crisp white or light bodied rosé wine. When making this classic dish it’s imperative to use the best butter you can find.

I used Kerrygold, a pure Irish butter, but there are many other high quality butters to choose from. Check your local market for butter that are rated AA or higher, these butters contain higher amount of sweet cream, giving them a sweeter flavor as well as, a creamier texture. 


Soak radishes is cold water and rinse well to dislodge sand and dirt particles.

Cut the radishes in half leaving the greens attached to create a lovely presentation.

Serve with a variety of sea salts. I used Maldon sea salt, Himalayan Pink Salt with Blood Orange and Black Sea Salt. The slightly different flavor profile of the individual salts lend nuance to the eating experience. 

The simple combination is superb; a delightful, simple, summer snack. 

Radish Butter and Sea Salt