UPDATE:  great news…I was chosen to compete in the Iron Foodie challenge!! I’m one of the 25 and ready to unleash the power of my inner, Iron Chef!!

Marx Food’s is teaming up with the Foodie Blogroll for the IRON FOODIE 2010 Challenge!  What a great honor it would be to be chosen to compete in this challenge and be given the opportunity to cook a signature dish using 3 delicious gourmet foods from Marx’s Foods.  Yes, you heard it right here!  25 challengers will be chosen and each will receive 10 gourmet items with the instructions to use three of the goodies to create a signature dish.  Count me in!!

Marx Foods hosts a plethora of gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets. One of my favorite items is their Eco friendly Palm Leaf Plates that I reviewed a few months ago.  If you haven’t checked out their site, take a trip over there today and get a look at their diverse selection of kitchen goods and gourmet foods.

As part of the challenge, I was asked to write about the person I would most like to spend the day with, in their kitchen and why.  How can I pick just one?  There are so many chef’s that have shaped my love and desire for the culinary arts. 

Julia Child, spent most of her days in my living room teaching my mother and I how to tress ducks, stuff a turkey and boil the perfect egg.  I used to love watching her take on food with so much passion and finesse.  I could say that she lite the ember that started my love of cooking. 

My mother, fanned the flame of my culinary quest because of her passion in the kitchen.  She was a woman “before her time”, making stuffed squash blossoms before anyone in our neighborhood, or any where else for that matter, knew the were even eatable. 

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with Julia and my mother so I better follow the rules of the challenge and pick the person I would choose today.

Hands down,  it would have to be…Ina Garten!  Ina’s biography inspired me and turned my culinary flame into a roaring fire.  Her grace, food knowledge and determination to follow her culinary dream, is what I aspire to create in my own life.  She is the consummate business woman and I could learn so much spending a day with her.  A day in the kitchen with Ina would be excellent!

Another question in the challenge…what morsel would I most likely swipe from a family member or friend’s plate when they aren’t looking?  It would have to be a french fry! Easy to swipe and worth every bite!

My childhood in one meal…perfectly cooked roast beef, mashed potatoes, fresh picked veggies from the garden, music and a lot of love!  Oh, and I can’t forget dessert…home made tapioca pudding!  Comfort foods to the max!

The one main stream food I can’t stand…I have to admit, there are very few foods I can’t stand, even main stream/fast foods.  The one thing that really chaps my hide…I can’t stand paying good money for mediocre food!

Thank you Marx Food’s and Foodie Blogroll for the opportunity to be a part of this challenge! 

Pick Me, Pick Me!!!!!