Matcha Mascarpone Ice Cream Recipe {Ice Cream Depot Review}

Matcha Mascarpone Ice Cream is homemade soft serve ice cream. This soft serve ice cream recipe comes together quickly and easily with the use of a soft serve ice cream machine.

The folks at Ice Cream Depot gifted me one of their World’s First At-Home Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines to review, right before the holidays. Unfortunately, I had shoulder surgery November 2016, and I’m still suffering with just the use of one arm.

Automatic self-serve ice cream machine, from Ice Cream Depot

Photo courtesy of Ice Cream Depot

Despite the doctors recommendation, I’m feeling well enough to finally post my review of this amazing machine, along with an associated soft serve ice cream recipe, Matcha Mascarpone Ice Cream with Homemade Nutty Cinnamon Granola.

My matcha mascarpone ice cream recipe has been submitted to Chef’s Roll Milk Contest

This is my take of food trend predictions for 2017, using milk as an ingredient. My prediction, and many other food trend enthusiasts agree, is that we should be eating ice cream for breakfast!

Making the argument for ice cream at breakfast is simple because it’s delicious, and very nutritious. Matcha mascarpone ice cream is made with whole milk and heavy cream and packed with calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Matcha green tea powder is high in antioxidants, loaded with Catechin, EGCg.  It enhances a sense of calm and boosts memory and concentration, it also increases energy levels, and endurance.

Another crazy fact: Matcha burns calories and detoxifies the body and fortifies the immune system. This nutritious bowl of ice cream is fortified with more protein and fiber by adding homemade granola, made with an assortment of nuts and whole oats.

Mascarpone cheese adds a decadent creaminess to the ice cream, as well as 4 percent of your daily calcium needs. In addition to keeping your bones strong, calcium plays a role in the function of your heart, muscles and nerves, too. Another nutritional plus of mascarpone cheese is the low sodium content. With all the health benefits in a bowl of ice cream, it sounds like a really good choice for breakfast to me.

So skip your morning donut and have some matcha mascarpone ice cream for breakfast. 

About the competition:

Calling all CALIFORNIA Chefs and Cooks – show us your food trend predictions for 2017 using MILK as an ingredient or in a perfect pairing for a chance to win awesome prizes! From the entries, our panel of judges will pick 12 semi-finalists that will win a custom Got Milk Chef Spoon, then 4 finalists will be chosen and receive a special Got Milk apron by Lost Car Chef Apparel. The selected Grand Prize winner will get a $750 KitchenAid Commercial Blender! The contest is NOW OPEN for submissions until January 22nd 10pm PST!

Enter here:

Matcha Mascarpone Ice Cream


My package from the company included 20 soft serve, milkshake and drink mixes! The professional-quality soft serve ice cream maker can make an assortment of frozen yogurt, sherbet and frozen adult beverages, right at home. The good news, the Ice Cream Depot SX1000 Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine comes fully assembled, all you need to do is plug it in. It makes batch after batch, in just minutes, with no bowls to freeze. Just pour in your mix, set the timer and walk away. Dispense when you’re ready, it’ll keep your soft serve cold for hours until you’re ready to enjoy.

The machine makes 35 ounces (1.125 quarts) of frozen product (roughly 8-10 soft serve cones). It makes either soft serve, slush drinks, milk shakes or adult beverages, and weighs approximately 45 pounds. It takes up a bit of counter space, but is compact enough to easily store when not in use. 

The first week we had the ice cream maker I had to enlist the help of my husband because of my shoulder. He loves how easy the machine is to use, as well as the ease of using the pre-packaged ice cream mixes. The pre-mixed product is blended with water or milk, resulting in a beautiful creamy soft serve.

We tried all of the flavors over the course of a few weeks. Our favorite flavors are Butter Pecan soft serve, Chocolate soft serve, and Caramel Macchiato Frappe. The big kids love the Margarita mix. The only favor my family doesn’t like is the Strawberry. It is just too sweet, and has an artificial aftertaste.

I was happy to try homemade recipes next and curious to see the difference in homemade versus the pre mixed packets. I was extremely pleased with the result. 

I tried three homemade soft serve ice cream recipes to date, and all of them have turned out beautifully.

My favorite thus far is the matcha mascarpone soft serve, so I’ve chosen to share the recipe with you.  

Matcha Mascarpone Ice Cream with Home-made Nutty Cinnamon Granola
Serves 6
My take of food trend predictions for 2017 using MILK as an ingredient. Seriously...who wouldn't want to eat ice cream for breakfast?
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Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
15 min
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
15 min
For the Ice Cream
  1. 1 1/2 cups whole milk
  2. 1/2 cup heavy cream
  3. 1 1/2 tablespoons powdered Matcha
  4. 4 large egg yolks
  5. 3/4 cups sugar plus 2 tablespoons
  6. 1 cup mascarpone cheese
  7. 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  8. pinch salt
For the Granola
  1. 3 cups old-fashioned roll oats
  2. ¾ cup slivered almonds
  3. ½ cup pine nuts
  4. ¼ cup sun flower seeds
  5. ¾ cup crushed pecans
  6. 1 cup dried cranberries
  7. ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  8. 5 tablespoons butter
  9. 1/3 cup honey
  10. ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
For the Ice Cream
  1. In a large bowl, combine egg yolks with 3/4 cup sugar and mix with a handheld mixer until fluffy, about 3 minutes.
  2. In a sauce pan, combine milk and cream and remaining 2 tablespoon sugar, bring to a simmer (do not boil). slowly add warm milk to the egg mixture. Return the mixture to the saucepan. Turn heat to medium low and cook stirring constantly, until mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon (about 5 minutes) again, do not let the mixture boil. Turn off the heat, add the matcha and mascarpone. Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a glass bowl add lemon juice and salt. Mix to combine.
  3. Cool over an ice bath for about 30 minutes. Be sure to stir the mixture to aid cooling process. Pour custard into ice cream maker and process per the manufacturer's instructions. Serve immediately or transfer soft serve ice cream to an airtight container and freeze until firm. About 2 hours
For the Granola
  1. Pre heat oven 325 degrees F.
  2. Line baking sheet with parchment
  3. In a large bowl combine oats and nuts. Stir to combine
  4. In a small sauce pan, melt butter with honey. Add cinnamon and vanilla extract. Pour mixture over oat mixture and stir to combine.
  5. Spread granola evenly onto the prepared baking sheet. Bake, stirring every 5 minutes until golden brown. About 20 minutes.
At Home with Rebecka
On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the highest) I give the Ice Cream Depot SX1000 Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine a 10! I really love this machine! Thank you Ice Cream Depot for gifting me the machine for review. I’ll be using it for upcoming Birthday parties, office gatherings, anniversaries, ice cream socials. My family and friends are going to love it too!

Ice Cream Depot has generously offered a personalized discount code for At Home with Rebecka blog subscribers ‘ATHOME50’ Visit their website and SAVE $50 on your purchase of an Ice Cream Depot machine.

Here’s another fun idea: make Matcha Mascarpone Ice Cream Sandwiches…YUMMY!

Matcha Mascarpone Ice Cream Sandwiches

Another delicious ice cream recipe to try:

Citrus Mint Sherbet No Churn Ice Cream

Hammer Stahl Cutlery Review

Hammer Stahl cutlery review

Hammer Stahl Cutlery Review

image courtesy of

Hammer Stahl Cutlery Review #WorldFoodChampionshipProductSponsor

Sponsored Post

Hammer Stahl Sponsor Swag Bag

Hammer Stahl Cutlery  recently agreed to sponsor me with a set of chef’s knives for the upcoming World Food Championships in Kissimmee, Fl. November 4-10, 2015, and they just arrived!

Would you just look at these beauties? Mercy, they are gorgeous! I am one happy home cook with this beautiful set of chef’s knives, Chef Pak and Portfolio. Honestly, I haven’t stopped smiling since I unwrapped the box. I can’t wait to walk into the Kenmore Arena with my beautiful new chef knives and kick some tail at this years World Food Championship competition!

Take a closer look at the photo, what do you see? My one (1) year old 5.5″ Santuko knife, tucked nicely next to its new companions (third down from the top). I was shocked to see how nice it looked compared to the new knives; you can hardly tell the difference.

It wasn’t long after I purchased that first Hammer Stahl knife that I fell in love! I vowed to buy one piece at a time until I had the full set, and now… I’m the proud owner of five more!  Thank you Bobby Griggs and Hammer Stahl Cutlery for hooking me up with the best SWAG…EVER!!

Hammer Stahl Cutlery’s generosity didn’t stop there. They are rolling out a special holiday offer to At Home with Rebecka readers.  I’ll be sharing the special, At Home with Rebecka Discount Code and a link to the Hammer Stahl catalog and website at the end of the review so don’t go away just yet, you won’t want to miss out on this amazing discount offer.

Hammer Stahl Cutlery’s focus is to provide world class German Steel Cutlery with exceptional design and superior performance at an affordable price. Hammer Stahl is a premier brand of New Era, Inc, one of the oldest manufactures of cookware in North America. New Era’s legacy began as the direct-to-consumer division of the Volrath Company in 1874. In 1981, Donald Henn purchased the consumer division of Volrath, establishing the New Era Cookware Company and thus launched a strong initiative to bring superior products to home kitchens. New Era has served as an innovator in kitchen products from its earliest onset. It introduced the very first 7-ply Surgical Steel Multi-Ply Cookware, the Vita-Seal Whistle System, and was one of the first cookware companies to manufacture induction ready cookware as early as the mid 1980’s. New Era primarily focuses on private label and OEM manufacturing, creating cookware for several companies throughout the US and abroad.

Due to New Era’s focus on cooking related products, we have distributed cutlery for over 50 years. In 2008, New Era acquired Hammer Stahl Cutlery and launched efforts to create a world class brand synonymous with exceptional quality, performance and value. With the acquisition of Hammer Stahl, New Era immediately improved upon the handle design, steel quality, blade specifications and more. Hammer Stahl’s presence has grown significantly in the last 3 years and has been recognized by celebrity chefs and home cooks alike as a premier knife that looks and performs fantastically.

What Makes Hammer Stahl Cutlery So Special?

Hammer Stahl knives are made in the tradition of the great German knife makers with a patented new design and a manufacturing process that allows our knives to be affordable. Hammer Stahl knives are coveted by professional chef’s for their razor sharp cutting edge, hand forged quality and quad tang design which make it one of the more balanced knifes in the world today. The process starts in Germany, where X50CrMoV15 stainless steel is fully forged and tempered for ideal strength and durability. The forged steel or blanks are then shipped to our state of the art factory in Asia where the detailed process of applying the pakkawood handles is meticulously done by hand. The razor sharp cutting edge is measured for precision by laser, the knife is then polished, inspected and packaged. The finished product is an incredible combination of beauty and functional design.

Reasons why Hammer Stahl customer’s rave about their knives:

  • Hammer Stahl is made from the highest quality X50 CrMoV 15 high carbon stainless steel from Germany. It is forged and tempered to precise specifications that provide a superior edge and lasting durability.
  • Hammer Stahl has a unique quad tang design that gives the knife perfect weight and balance.
  • Hammer Stahl Pakkawood handles are infused with phenolic resin which combines the beautiful look of wood with the durability of plastic.
  • Hammer Stahl handles are ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip, which reduces fatigue.
  • All Hammer Stahl knives are heirloom quality and guaranteed for life.

I am honored to receive sponsorship from such a prestigious company and to work with some of the finest quality cutlery money can buy. I’m also faced with the task of sharing my honest opinion of their product. The fact is, I love these knives! 

Knife balance and heft are very important to me, as I have small hands and suffer from arthritis; too much girth or weight, and my hands tire quickly, so chopping and dicing is a real issue with most cutlery.  I rarely use my “Other Brand” chef knives because of their unwieldy nature, not to mention, the constant frustration of a dull blade after only a few minutes of use.

I was eager to get my hands on my new cutlery, to see how my small hands would accommodate the larger, Hammer Stahl chef knives! With arthritis in my wrist and hands, a perfectly balanced and well crafted blade means everything. 

Hammer Stahl Cutlery – Knife Comparison

To get a general feel for the knives, I kept the food stuff simple, using chopped onions, sliced tomatoes, and diced bacon. This also made for a fairer comparison of the individual pieces. 

8″ Chef Knife: All-purpose kitchen knife for chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing. A forged, full tanged knife, denser, with better balance, and better edge retention; a sturdy well-balanced knife. The Pakkawood handle is beautiful and has a smooth, cool feel. The bolster is off-set, making it easier to sharpen, and creates the perfect grip, even when wet. “The bolster is the area of the knife where the blade meets the handle and a finger guard is a specifically made piece or area that protects your finger from slipping.” source: Primer Magazine . The blade cut evenly without any resistance from the varying foods. The rocking motion was smooth and the blade razor-sharp!

7.5″ Santuko: Japanese knife with a short, general-use blade, offering extra length on the blade for bigger jobs. The blade edge is slightly curved, but to a lesser degree than the chef’s knife and with a tip that is less pointed. The spine of the blade rounds down to produce a sort of flat nose, kind of like a vegetable chopper. These features make santoku blades ideal for chopping motions rather than rocking ones. I like the offset handle and indentations along the edge, allowing the knife to glide through food seamlessly. The fit is very similar to the chef knife with a precision sharp edge. This blade has a touch more heft than the chef knife and makes for the perfect go to blade for fast chopping. 

4.5″ Santuko Utility: A sweet little blade, lightweight, meant for miscellaneous light cutting; this gem was built for my hand. 

3″ Birdsbeak Paring: Special curved-tip blade for peeling and detailed cutting. I made an exception to my choice of foods for this little knife and picked a Meyer lemon from my backyard for peeling. The flesh came off in thin wafts, smooth as butter. I can’t wait to spend more time utilizing this knife. It will come in very handy for holiday garnishes. 

9″ Filet: A thin, flexible blade that allows for ease and precision while filleting fish. The narrow blade moves cleanly along bones and evenly slices along the skin, removing it effortlessly from the flesh.

This blade is the bomb. However, without a whole fish to give it a test run, I will refrain from reviewing until such time as I can catch one. If I’m lucky enough to make it to round two of the World Food Championships, I will have the honor of filleting a fresh caught, America Red Snapper with this baby. Stay tuned for the review!

Hammer Stahl Cutlery’s focus is to provide world class German Steel Cutlery with exceptional design and superior performance at an affordable price. In regard to design, quality and affordability as well as, holding tight to their company vision, in my opinion, Hammer Stahl Cutlery delivers on every level.

Special thanks to Just A Pinch for choosing my dish and sponsoring me at this years World Food Championships. 

Now it’s time to roll out the discount! Hammer Stahl Cutlery generous offer to my readers is…drum roll please…30% OFF MSRP on ALL Hammer Stahl products!

The At Home with Rebecka discount Code is…BACON!  Just visit to view their catalog, pick your favorite products and then type the word BACON into the discount code box at check out! It’s that easy! I know you’ll love this amazing cutlery as much as I do. 

Hammer Stahl Cutlery Review

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Santa Rita 120 Wine Review


Santa Rita Wine 120
My father recently gifted our family with a case of 120 Santa Rita Wines, hand crafted in CHILE.  The case was filled with an assortment of the 120 wines, and so impressed me that I decided to do an impromptu history and review before the holidays. 
Historical References; According to legend, 120 patriots, exhausted after a long, hard battle during the fight for Chile’s independence, reached the land belonging to Santa Rita. On that fateful night in 1814, these forces of liberty found refuge in the estate cellars. Today, within these same cellars, our award-winning 120 wines are crafted to honor their heroic character. These are young, elegant and fruity wines, perfectly balanced with soft tannins and good acidity. Exceptional value makes “120” an outstanding line of wines for everyday drinking.
LimaríValley        Limarí       CasablancaValley   Casablanca
LeydaValley         Leyda               MaipoValley   Maipo
ColchaguaValley  Colchagua           ApaltaValley      Apalta
CuricóValley        Curicó
Today, the Santa Rita vineyards are located in the best and most diverse Chilean terroirs in order to ensure the best growth and development of each and every variety.
The winery now has more than 3,000 hectares planted to vine in the country’s most highly esteemed valleys, such as Limarí(134 hectares), Casablanca (312 hectáreas), Leyda (80 hectares), Maipo (1.282 hectáreas), Rapel (1.273 hectares), and Curicó (186 hectares).
This tremendous geographic diversity allows our growers and winemakers to create a wide range of very high quality wines from specific terroirs.
Over the past decade Santa Rita’s viticulturists have adopted a number of practices to enhance site and varietal character including: sustainable agriculture, better clone material, improved trellising and irrigation techniques, balanced vine viticulture, restricted yields, leaf and canopy management, later harvesting, individual block farming, and small-lot vinification.
Viña Santa Rita’s vast experience, in conjunction with the latest technology, is reflected in the making of high quality wines that have earned major awards and distinctions in Chile and abroad over the course of its 120 years of history.


I began my tasting of the case with the Carménère.

My first food pairing was with an All’Amatriciana spaghetti dinner and then with Ratatouille. The fruit and spicy overtones went deliciously with both meals, holding true to the wine makers comment…”Its silky, deep tannins make it very easy to drink, and very versatile to pair with a broad diversity of foods.”
120 Wine Selection
120 Cabernet Sauvignon: is an intensive red violet wine, on the nose red and black fruit are dominant with a touch of spice, distinctive of this variety intermingled with aromas of vanilla, clove and tobacco from wood. On the palate it is well-rounded, with sweet, elegant tannins that remain strong providing a juicy, fresh lingering finish.
120 Sauvignon Blanc: is a fresh, fruity wine dominated by tropical and citric fruit such as grapefruit, lime and lemon peel complemented by white peach notes and distinctive variety herbs increasing complexity and lifting fruity sensations, a very interesting aftertaste amid smooth fruit and fresh acidity with a lingering and persistent finish.
Our 120 Merlot: is a red-violet colored wine, with intense fruity aromas reminiscent of red fruit and flower, vanilla and tobacco. It is a full-bodied, elegant wine, well-balanced in acidity and mature tannins developing a fresh, fruity finish.
The 120 Carménère: is an illustrative variety of Chilean wines, dominated by aromas of black and red fruits and spices. Its silky, deep tannins make it very easy to drink, and very versatile to pair with a broad diversity of foods.
120 Chardonay: (no wine makers notes) Potential Aging 3-4 years
120 Syrah: Intensely red with violet hues and great depth. The aroma is dominated by a combination of red and black fruit governed by raspberry and notes of pepper with the characteristic flavors from wood such as vanilla and chocolate. Medium-bodied wine, good fruit concentration, sweet at the first try, well-balanced with a splendid finish.

120 CCC: is an intense ruby-red colored wine, with violet hues supplied by Carménère. Intense aromas of red and black fruit elegantly intertwined with wood provided by Cabernet. On the palate it is a medium-bodied wine, soft tannins, and a long finish.
120 Rosé: Intense violet-red color. This Rosé is reminiscent of its variety, dominant notes of cherry,plums and certain fruits of the forest; it is a light wine, easy to drink, with refreshing acidity, on the palate it is abundantly perfumed.

My 2011 Christmas dinner menu is set; I will be serving Garlic Pepper Rib Roast, for which I plan to pair the 120 CCC accompanied by Wine  Butter infused Turkey, for which I will pair the Savingnon Blanc.  
Visit to learn more about the 120 wines and their other fine wine collections.

All photos and content courteous of